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Red Fit uses the diameter used by the Olympic games which is 35 millimeters, this diameter is perfect to have a proper hold and control so that you can perform all kinds of exercises comfortably.

Red Fit uses a material thickness of 3 millimeters, after rigorous testing, the maximum weight our equipment can support is 250KG.

The R200 PRO LIMITED is designed so that you can install it in a practical and simple way very similar to the TV stands, you will receive a set of screws needed to install them wherever you want, the only thing you need apart is a drill, in less than 10 minutes you will have your R200 ready to use.

Currently as a promotional launch offer the shipping is Free for a limited time, we ship from Barcelona Spain with UPS and, we ship all over Europe, we need 1/2 days to prepare your order, you will receive your package in 5-7 Business Days.

Absolutely, when you purchase our equipment, you will receive a complete guide with all the exercises you can perform with your equipment, detailing how to execute them, recommended repetitions, progress guide to advance to more complex exercises.