January 31, 2021 2 min read

Starting calisthenics means you’re not going to find a day in your workout routine that will be too boring. It will be a physically exciting journey and help you explore your body’s potential, seeing the wonders your body can do.

Of course, at the start, it can be difficult to figure out the exercises that align with your fitness level. You might even get confused about the best place to start and what equipment works best and is worth investing in. Because calisthenics is not high-maintenance, you can easily do home workouts and save the cost of a monthly gym membership.

To ease you into the world of calisthenics, we have compiled a list of 10 tips that will make this type of workout less challenging to understand and keep up with.

1.    Take it Slow

Often it happens that at the start of calisthenics, you’re going to notice a surge in your rate of progression; seeing this will make you addicted to seeing the changes in your body. It might make you want to overwork yourself for a certain result, exhausting your body. Pause, and take it slow.

2.    Calisthenics is Strength and Movement

You’re going to find people who have a natural affinity or have been doing calisthenics longer than you. You might feel like you’re not strong enough. However, it is important for your to realize calisthenics is more than just strength; it is flexibility and the versatility your body can exhibit. Work on your mobility and range of motion to help your body open up to the strength you can channel.

3.    Body Weight is All that you Need

We live in a world that applauds those who use weights as their workout choice, and while that is okay to do so, your body strength is all you really need. Load the muscular system with resistance using body weight for a full-body workout. Your body doesn’t care what you use as long as it gets an adequate amount of resistance.

4.    Learn the Lingo

Learning the lingo will help you greatly in the longer run. This will help you become aware of what muscle groups you are working on with calisthenics exercises. It will also help you learn what a movement or a hold is called. You will have to graduate past a pushup, pullup, planks, etc.

5.    Stick to Basics

The beauty of calisthenics is that these exercises rely a lot on the basics before moving onto the next stage of an exercise. You will spend a painstakingly long time doing one exercise because the goal is to master the proper form and technique of the traditional exercise to be able to add variations to it with less confusion later on.

6.    Focus on Perfecting your Form

The most successful individual at any workout is the one who takes the time to focus on the form when completing a rep. This will help you greatly in the long run and increase your body’s range of motion.

If you’re looking for the perfect equipment to start calisthenics, visit our website Redfit and explore all the equipment you’ll ever need during your journey.

Jean Ducournau
Jean Ducournau

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