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Callisthenic exercises require a person to use their own body weight to perform strength training movements. These are a variety of movements that exercise the large muscle groups, utilizing gravity and body weight leverage to challenge your fitness level.

It is awe-inspiring to look at a calisthenics athlete exercise; some even say it is intimidating to do so. It is an exciting form of a full-body workout that truly surprises you with how much your body is capable of doing.

Becoming a callisthenic athlete is not as difficult as it is touted to be. However, consistency with your workouts will speed up your progress to sustain a positive outcome. In this blog, we will tell you what it takes to become a calisthenics athlete and how long it will take you to achieve that status.

Set Small Goals

The most important lesson you need to learn about becoming an athlete is being ready for hard work, along with a good lifestyle that you need to maintain for a long period of time.

Do simple compound movements to make sure you’re not forgetting your basics and have mastered those exercises before more experimentation. Your results will depend on your overall lifestyle more than the workout routine you have, so make sure to rest properly and create a good diet plan. Be ready for any and every situation; thus, home workouts should always remain an option.

Seek new methods to challenge yourself for progression and overcome obstacles with small, everyday goals. Make sure you’re more focused on regular everyday training. When free, try to squeeze in a little workout, and you’ll see it add up wonderfully in the end.

Things to Consider

Becoming an athlete, people often want the aesthetic physique that comes with it, and it is an understandable desire. Callisthenic athletes have the potential to have great, well-tone, and shredded bodies. But how do you do so?

A Perfect Rep Range

To become an athlete, you need to train your body to workout at an optimal rep range. Building size requires hypertrophy, and aiming for a rep range of 6 to 15 is a great way to create that space for increasing size.

The time your muscles are under tension is a big factor for muscle growth. Think pull-ups, pushups, and dips for hypertrophy. You can choose to do these with or without weights.

Invest in workout equipment for calisthenics like a set of parallettes or a pull-up system and install it at home for your everyday workouts. These are going to prove to be a life-long investment and allow you a range of exercises.

Diet Plan

This is always one of the most tricky parts for athletes because you imagine that you have to follow an extremely specific and strict diet to achieve the physique and level of strength you’re looking for.

Of course, diet is one of the biggest factors in calisthenics, but one basic rule for any diet and exercise is your goal. If you want to get bigger, you need to gain weight; if you want to get leaner, you should lose weight. There is a balance here, where you eat enough to retain your muscle mass for a leaner body and eat enough not to gain weight, i.e., fat, for a bigger body.

Have fats in the morning, protein at midday, sweets before a workout, and a light meal in the afternoon if you’re looking to get leaner. For a goal to look bigger, you can increase your calorie intake to 200-400. 

Calisthenics can help you achieve a lot more than you imagine. Besides getting stronger with basic exercises, you can learn calisthenics skills that are extremely difficult and challenging but a part of why people love this form of workout. They take the basics to the next step

  • Dip to Australian Dip
  • Pull-up to Muscle-up
  • Push up to Handstand Push-up

Enjoy practicing these workouts and wait to see everyone shocked at you performing these exercises!

Jean Ducournau
Jean Ducournau

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