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September 06, 2022 2 min read


Many people workout to strengthen their core and build up upper body strength. Push-ups, sit-ups, and overhead presses are all commonly followed exercises that specifically target the abdomen, chest, and arms. Yet, legs are the most important part of our bodies as they are responsible for mobility. Leg day is critical not only to balance the impact of upper body calisthenics exercises but also to strengthen the legs and retain muscle mass to prevent sarcopenia.

This is why you should never miss out on leg day. Though they can be challenging, lower body calisthenics exercises are key to achieving improved muscle tone in the legs and gaining power.


Here are some great lower body exercises to increase power and strength in parts of the body laying below the abdomen:


Incorporating jumps and sprints is the easiest way to exercise the lower body daily. These activities are relatively less painful and taxing on the body and help build-up stamina for additional lower body exercises. Jumping and running are also great techniques for warming up at the beginning of any workout routine.


Squats are simple to do yet are extremely effective. Combining different squat styles is best as they maximize lower body movement and optimize results. Instead of doing a run-of-the-mill squat, try a pistol squat or a shrimp squat. In a pistol squat, one leg is kept straight out while squatting, so only one leg supports the entire body weight. In a shrimp squat, one leg is kept folded up while squatting, and the knee of the folded leg touches the ground; again, the entire body weight is on a single leg. These more challenging squats increase muscle power much faster.

You can even add in weights while doing squats. Holding dumbbells in each hand while squatting is an excellent way of making a simple squat provide you with a more comprehensive workout.


Combining cardio with strength training, a walking lunge requires lunging down or squatting walking fast. This not only requires lower body strength but also balance and equilibrium to ensure that you do not falter and fall.

Walking lunges begin by keeping both feet together, followed by a big step ahead and bending the other leg down to a level where the knee barely touches the ground before stepping back and standing up in the original position once again. It targets the leg muscles from unique angles and is a great accompaniment to the bodyweight squats.


There are plenty of other exercises as well that help you increase lower body strength and achieve muscle tone in the legs. These exercises rarely require any extra equipment, as most rely on consistent repetitions of the same exercise and the use of the body's weight.

The most important thing to remember is to be persistent and regular in including lower body exercising in your daily workout routine because the quantity is just as critical as quality when it comes to exercising. Once you create a calisthenics exercise regimen that targets the upper body, lower body, and core, you can achieve more balanced results.