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September 06, 2022 3 min read

People are often confused about why calisthenics became as popular as it did and what makes using body weight to train so different from using weights in the gym? However, both are great in helping you get stronger and target every last muscle on your body. Some would say they perfectly complement one another. But whether they do or don’t is yet to be determined, our blog seeks to understand just that- what should you choose to train your body?

There is one glaring positive that you should notice when it comes to weight the differences between the two is that weights require investment into dumbbells, kettlebells, or bands. So, should you go ahead with buying them or explore calisthenics before you make your decision?


Weight training utilizes props like barbells, kettlebells, etc., that act as an external force on the body. Incorporating these weights mean your body is under constant force and resisting against gravity; thus, adding weight is likely to increase muscular strength. 

Increasing muscle strength is important because it helps you tackle everyday activities without over-stressing yourself. It reinforces proper posture by strengthening the muscles and muscular contractions that will support and stabilize the body.

  1. According to research, weight training has been found to improve bone health and increase your bone density.
  2. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart issues, etc., are said to affect your mobility. However, research has surfaced that state resistance training and weight training are one way to combat chronic diseases.
  3. A combination of weight training and cardio is a great way to boost your cardiovascular system. It helps increase stamina and endurance.


Calisthenics, however, is more challenging than weight-lifting. Because it leaves room for a lot of variation of exercises when compared to lifting weights. You’re constantly learning new skills with this form of workout; for example, you will start with reps of pushups, learn to modify it, and make it into wall handstand pushups and free handstand pushups.

There is a progression in both, but calisthenics not only makes it more challenging but less uninteresting.


People choose calisthenics for many reasons; one of the most common ones is not wanting to have a pumped-up body like that of a body-builder. With calisthenics, you are able to achieve a realistic and natural physique. Depending on what you desire, choosing this form of workout ensures that you have a shredded and toned body.

This does not mean that you’re not going to look muscular; rather, it takes less time with calisthenics to achieve a muscular body than it does with weight-lifting.


Perhaps the best reason to choose calisthenics is because of how accessible it is for anyone out there. You can do a full-body workout with little to no equipment or home workouts, which is especially relevant during the times we are living in.

The little equipment involved is also going to be a great investment for you that will last a long time. You can buy an R200 pullup system including parallettes set on our website Redfit. However, for the most part, this workout will target your upper body, core muscles, and legs without having to pay for a gym membership every month!

At last, you can decide which workout is best suited for your lifestyle and complements your personality. Start your fitness journey with a workout that is more sustainable over a long period of time.